He cheated, now what? – Ask Priscilla


Dear Priscilla,

I have been with my boyfriend a little over five years.  We have lived together for three and have aggressively talked about marriage.  Recently, after seeing some of his texts and confronting him, I found out he cheated.  He told me it was a mistake and he loved me and swore it wouldn’t happen again.  I do love him and we have invested so much time into us.  What do I do?

In love and jaded

Dear In love and jaded,

Love and relationships in life like most things are unpredictable and the future is uncertain with elements of risk along the way.  You need to weigh the situation and ask yourself a few questions.

1.  Does one indiscretion outweigh five years together?

2.  Is your collective love strong enough to overcome this?

3.  Have you lost trust in your partner over this?

4.  Why did he need to cheat?  Are you two having any personal issues that led him to believe this was a temporary fix?

At this point, you need to think through these questions carefully.  Once you are comfortable with your responses, sit down with your boyfriend and find out why he strayed.  If he loves you, he will be honest throughout.


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