Can Long Distance Relationships Work? – Ask Priscilla


Dear Priscilla,

I met my guy eight months ago through a mutual friend.  He is amazing.  Caring, sensitive, respectful and smoking hot.  He dresses well, treats me like a princess and feels so good to wake up next to and shower with.  In every way, we just work.  Now for the problem.  If there wasn’t one, I wouldn’t be writing this letter.  We live an hour and a half a way from each other.  I’m a farm girl and he is a city boy.  I can’t move right now and neither can he due to work obligations.  Sometimes we argue, but only by phone and I feel like many times it is just communication misunderstandings.  When we are together, we are the greatest couple in the world.

Can this long distance relationship work?

So Far Away

Dear So Far Away,

“Distance makes the heart grow fonder”.  You can believe this old adage or not.  One thing is certain in this theory, long distance relationships are difficult.  The beauty of a healthy relationship is the ability to develop and growth.  Through the natural course of curiosity and learning, the process of two people exploring each others lives is filled with wonder, mystery and mystique.  That is the exciting part of the newlywed stage of a relationship.  That is what draws us all into anything new.

New relationships are beautiful.  Every day is a new adventure.  Sometimes you lift a rock and discover nothing more than dirt, but other times you life the rock and find a diamond.

Having that distance can still provide the same exploratory feeling.  It just takes longer.  Not every couple has the mental strength to make a long distance relationship work, but the ones that know deep in their hearts, there is a strong bond, will find a way.

Here are a few suggestions to keep a long distance relationship strong:

1.  Sharing of the responsibilities:  When you have free weekends, swap whose home you stay at.  You go to him one weekend and he goes to you the next.

2.  Plan you vacation time together.  Even if you don’t go anywhere, spend some extended time together.

3.  Talk often, video talk more often.  With technology being what it is today, don’t rely strictly on phone and text.  Use Face Time or Skype to connect.  Seeing each other smile and laugh will keep this relationship healthy.

4.  Keep it sexy.  Plan video sex.  Do mutual masturbation to relieve those tensions.  Send him lingerie in the mail so you can wear it next time you see him.

5.  Send each other little surprise gifts.  Online shopping is hot now.  Take advantage.  You don’t need a special occasion to send a gift.

6.  Remind each other that you love each other every day.  Send a status update on Facebook reminding all your friends and family that he is your special guy.

7.  Make sure each visit is a new and exciting adventure.  You have limited time to spend with each other, so plan out each one as if it is a mini vacation and make that time very special for both of you.

I think you both want this to work and that is why you wrote.  I am happy for you both and rooting for you.  If you follow some of these steps, you will have a long and flourishing partnership.  When the timing is right, you will find your way to each other, geographically speaking.


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