I love him, but we can’t afford to do much – Ask Priscilla


Dear Priscilla,

I love my boyfriend.  Love, love, love him dearly.  He is adorable.  He has long shaggy hair, plays guitar and he is super sweet.  We have been together four months and I have never been happier.  We just went to Prom a few days ago and I know he spent everything he had to make it a special night.  Honestly, just being with him is special.  I want to keep everything fun and fresh, but we don’t have a lot of money to spend.  What can we do?

Broke but in love

Dear Broke but in love,

You two sound like a match made in teen heaven.  I love how giddy you get when you talk about your special guy.  I think I can help.  The beauty of love is that there is no cost to share a life together and embrace the feelings that both of you bring for each other.  You said it clearly, just being with him is what makes each day special.

I can’t wait to hear from you both in a year or two and find out your love is stronger than ever.

Here are a few recommendations that I think you will both enjoy without even opening your wallets:

1. Wash the car or bathroom together. It is an activity you can do together and more importantly you will both get wet and soapy. I hope I don’t have to explain anymore about this activity.

2. Look around your kitchen. Round up all the food and spices you have, Google what you have and you may just find a great recipe or two you can make that will make her smile and full enough to want to cuddle in bed.

3. Volunteer together. Look for a run, fund-raiser, music or arts festival and work it together. That way you are helping a good cause and getting some free entertainment.

4. Camping under the stars. How romantic is that.

7. Potluck party!!! Call, text, Evite, Facebook all your friends and have an impromptu party where everyone brings a bottle, mixer or snack. Instant party and all you need to provide is the front door.

8. Why not a little education. Go to a museum or art gallery. Many only ask for donations at the door or have totally free admission.

9. There is a model in all of us. Break out your point and shoot, SLR or IPhone and have a couple photo shoot. Go to the beach, bedroom, river, gazebo or anywhere fun and scenic and take photos of each other and then you can make a virtual or physical collage.

10. Hit the rivers and ponds. Go cliff diving (Not in the crazy Acapulco kind of way) or swim and frolic together.

11. People watching and storytelling. Sit at the park with a coffee, tea or latte and try and create a story about all the people that walk by. Be imaginative. It can be better than the movies.

12. Learn a new skill. Can you sing  or hula hoop. Teach each other your special skills.

13. Find a free music or comedy showcase. In many cities there are hundreds of free shows from young up and coming performers that are free of charge. You may even have a friend or two in a band. Go support them.

14. Flash mob. You know you always wanted to try it. Learn more at improveverywhere.com

15. Watch the sunrise or sunset. It is a classic but always one that reminds you of how important you are to each other.

16. Dog walking. Hopefully one of you has a dog. If not, borrow a friend’s dog and offer to take them out for a walk together.

17. Health first. Find a farmers market and browse all the vendors. If you are feeling the urge, buy an apple or peach and have a little light fruit or veggie snack together.

18. Go to an open mic night and do a reading or play a song. Showcase your talents and witness others showing their skills and confidence.

19. Sit on a street corner or in the park with a sign that says “Information” and offer advice and tips to tourists who are looking for things to do locally.

20. Make a music video. With flip video cameras, IPhones, IFilm, YouTube and so many other free software options, you can let out your creative side and make a funky music video as a couple.

21. Yoga at the beach or in the park. All your need is a mat, some technique and you have a mental and physical task you can do together.

22. Be a child. Get a group of friends together and play “Duck, Duck Goose” or “Hide and Seek”

Go start that bucket list and make some memories together.


*If you have a question for Priscilla, please email to askpriscillaadvice@gmail.com



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