My boyfriend has no fashion sense – Ask Priscilla


Dear Priscilla,

My boyfriend is a man’s man.  He is rugged, hard working and can plow a corn field with the best of them.  He has guns that make me melt, but he cannot dress at all.  He is a jeans, tee-shirt and John Deere hat guy.  He turns heads on the street because he is built and looks like a sweaty working man and chicks love that.  I am one of them and he is all mine.

Occasionally, I like to go out to a nice restaurant or concert and he still wears jeans, tee-shirts and maybe a cleaner hat.  I have tried to subtly get him to go shopping with me and let me buy him a few button down shirts and some khakis, but to no avail.  I haven’t been forceful about it at all.

What can I do to convince my beau to dress a little better?

Please help….

Want my boyfriend to look stylish

Dear Want my boyfriend to look stylish,

He sounds pretty hot already.  You described a good looking man.  Great with his hands, tan from a hard days work and just rough and rugged enough to make the heart melt.  I do understand you desire to see him clean up and have a more fashionable business-like appeal when you go out to nicer places.  It is a woman’s role and desire to fix.  You think by dressing him up in nice play clothes, you will be fixing him.  I wish it were that simple.

A change of fashion is a major mental adjustment for men and women.  Our clothes defined our personalities.  They are a direct extension of ourselves.  Asking your man to change his attire is a big evolutionary change for him.  You see it as clothes and he sees it as his entire persona.

Something like this will take time, patience and honesty.

First, you need to be candid and firm about your expectations.  You best bet is to compromise and slowly adapt the change.  Provide a fair trade.  If there is something he wants from you that you have been resistant to do, give in and show that this is a team effort.  Once he agrees, ease into the change.  Just start with one or two new outfits and let him get comfortable in the new look.

If you raise his level of trust with compromise and go at his pace, you have a chance of turning him to the fashion side.


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