He’s a Bad Boy, But I Still Want Him – Ask Priscilla


Dear Priscilla,

Derek is hot.  He plays lead guitar in this awesome garage rock band and has three seriously whack tattoos.  One is a devil playing guitar with wings on his back, another is a cross on his arm and the third is a hope tattoo on his hip.  With his jet black hair, aloof attitude and sick music skills, he is a magnet for girls.  All my friends want him so that says something.  Believe it or not, behind all that rugged exterior, he has the soul of a poet.  I know in my gut, this can’t last long.  He could walk into a room and find a girl to have sex with without even saying a word.  He just has that kind of vibe.  I still can’t say no.  He brings out urges in me I have never had.  I feel like I am going to fall for this guy.

What can I do?

Rock Groupie Addict

Dear Rock Groupie Addict,

You got it hard.  From Jagger to Mayer, the bad boy musicians have had a good run.  They make our hearts melt with their lyrics and our bodies shake with their sound.  The iconic persona just fuels the impulses.  It is difficult to walk away from that type of passion.  Clearly, you two have made an intimate connection, one that runs deeper than a one night show.

Remember, whether you are a rock star, actor or counter clerk, feelings are feelings.  If he is coming back to you, he shares something very mutual to you.  He most likely has some of the same fears you do.  I have a hunch, there are some very attractive qualities about you that keeps him coming back for more as well.


Sometimes we get so over shadowed by the heartbreak, that we lose site of the good moments.  It seems you two have shared a number of important good times together.  Focus on them.  If you fall, get up and start over again, but don’t be afraid to close your eyes and let gravity take its course.

Be wild, be free and live in this moment.  You may end up breaking his heart instead….


*If you have a question for Priscilla, please email her at askpriscilladvice@gmail.com



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