Why Do Guys Find Yoga Pants Hot? – Ask Priscilla


Dear Priscilla,

I take a yoga class three times a week downtown.  I hop into my teal or green tank top and black yoga pants and every time I walk from my car to the class, I either get a crude comment or I turn around and a guy is checking out my ass.  What is it about yoga pants that guys find so hot?  We aren’t dressed up in a skimpy skirt and heels or anything.

What is their infatuation?

Yoga Freak

Dear Yoga Freak,

This is one of those questions that has defied time.  Like denim, this craze does not seem to want to go away.  I wish I can tell you there is a great mystery, but it is very simple:  Yoga pants do not leave a lot for the imagination.  They reveal it all in a voyeuristic way so that men can watch without the guilt.  It hugs your ass showing off ever curve, clenches to your thighs and even gives a rather confident visual of your passageway to love.  Black is also a seductive color and that fuels that stimulus for men.

Men are naturally drawn to black.  It is mysterious and sexy.  When you add pants that hug every single curve from him to toe, it is no wonder, they melt at the prospect of seeing you in them.

Not to create an unfair stereotype, but women that are active yoga participants tend to be fit and thin.


Yoga pants are and will continue to be a mental fantasy for men.  Enjoy the complimentary stares because they are not going away.


*If you have a question for Priscilla please email her at askpriscillaadvice@gmail.com



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