Why Won’t My Boyfriend Go To College – Ask Priscilla


Dear Priscilla,

My boyfriend has done everything from driver to waiter and won’t go to college. He is twenty years old and the only passion I can see is his love for gaming. I even suggested he go to school for video game design or quality control stuff in the gaming field. He smiles at me and keeps playing.

I want to have a future with him, but feel like he will amount to nothing if he doesn’t go to school.

He sees how much I love the college experience and there are even times I see a glimmer in his eyes where he may be a little jealous of me.

How do I convince him that he needs college?

Dealing with uneducated boyfriend

Dear Dealing with educated boyfriend,

College is a wonderful and rewarding experience that gives you an added advantage is this competitive job market. It seems clear, you have a well-defined path for your future and you want the same for your boyfriend. Caring for him and watching out for his well-being is noble, but you need to be respectful of his choices he makes. He will make a lot of mistakes as he continues his journey of life. Some will lead him on the right path and some lead to regret, but his had to determine his personal journey. You need to find out if he is happy with his current job. Find out what drives him (money, people, culture, challenge) and then focus on a future he can be happy with.

College is not for everyone. It takes a unique type of person to become college material. Don’t forget there are other options including technical colleges, trade schools and online specialized classes.

Have some dialogue around options. Don’t be forceful, but suggestive and if he has doubts, he will think through some of these other options and maybe find his passion.


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