My Boyfriend Won’t Climax – Ask Priscilla


Dear Priscilla,

My boyfriend and I have this insane sexual relationship. I think we have sex at least twice a day everyday. On the weekends when we see more of each other is it closer to four or five times. It gets pretty intense and we even use props to help keep it hot and heavy. I don’t see this behavior changing anytime in the future. But there is something that has been bothering me. I orgasm quite often and it is mind-blowing. Yet, he rarely does. He tells me he will do anything to make me happy and he can last a long time. This makes me very happy. I have a guy that can make me orgasm and he has stamina. That is a girls dream. I feel like him not climaxing is my fault. He says I’m not doing anything wrong, but I want to change whatever it is that makes him not climax so he can.

That would make me happy. What do I do?

Wishing My Boyfriend Would Explode


Dear Wishing My Boyfriend Would Explode,

I understand your concerns. Most boys/men typically last less than fifteen minutes per session and climaxing is a rite of passage. It is the reward for conquering the land of women. The feeling of cumming is a sensational feeling for men. The idea that he is not climaxing with you can be perceived as a concern. It should not be.

Climaxing is both a physical and mental exercise. It also can be a result of conditioning and behavior. What I mean by that is, what type of sexual behavior did he have before you two became sexually active? Did he have another partner? Did he engage in group sexual activity? Did he masturbate a lot? All of these can factor into why he is not climaxing each and every time. If he was an active masturbator then he may have a special technique or approach he used that his penis is used to. It can be a speed or motion or a technique of stroking.

Talk to him and ask him what makes him cum. Maybe a faster blowjob or a hand job. Mutual masturbation could open up his mental senses and bring you two closer together sexually.

This will take time for his mind and body to become one with you, but it is no indication that he loves you less.

Don’t take it personally and keep enjoying your “mind-blowing” sex together.

The rest will come around.


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