I’m More Successful Than My Boyfriend. Is That Bad? – Ask Priscilla Advice


Dear Priscilla,

I have this incredible finance audit job. Since I started four and a half years ago, I have been promoted twice and now have a great salary and staff. My boyfriend is a marketing analyst. He does well, but in terms of salary, I am much more successful than he is. Sometimes I feel like that bothers him. I do work longer hours and travel quite a bit. Maybe my absence is what is weighing on him, but I think it is about salary. I love taking him out to dinner and buying random gifts, but he is stubborn about accepting the fact that I like to pay.

Is it bad that I make more money? What can I do to reassure him that it doesn’t bother me?

More Successful Than My BF

Dear More Successful Thank My BF,

I would like to start by saying congratulations on all your professional success. From the promotions, it appears you are very skilled and career focused. That is something to be very proud of. The important thing to remember is that as a couple, you will make compromise and discover a life together as partners. Yet, you cannot lose sight of the fact that you are two unique individuals. Before you met, you set goals for your future and trained through school and hard work to be successful. Don’t ever doubt that all the efforts you have put in.

The male ego is fragile. It has been for hundreds of years and will be hundreds of years from now. He will feel the pressure of your success and to some degree internalize it. He loves you and thus, he is still be your side. If you get the feeling that he is pushing back or holding back, make a few minor temporary adjustments. Let him pay for a meal or movie and hint at a few small gifts you would like to receive. He will begin to feel that level of male dominance again and feel less threatened by your success. That will create a calming affect on the relationship.

You may have to do this a few times, but he will get more and more comfortable over time.


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  1. Today’s successful woman commonly makes the assumption that her position, stature or earning power is intimidating to men. As a professional matchmaker since 1990, what I see is that it’s not what she earns or who she is professionally that turns men off, it’s all about the way she’s BEING about it. If your partner doesn’t respond well when you offer to pay for things, then do so sparingly — he’s probably a classic provider / protector kind of man, and that’s a beautiful, masculine quality. You can help him feel safe and secure in that role by being sincerely appreciative of the generosity he shows you, and it’s critical that you reveal yourself as being easy to please. If a man senses that he can’t make you happy, he’ll stop trying. Gone are the days where the guy always outearns the girl. How we manage our money is SO much more important than how much we earn. Work together, in partnership, to decide who should pay for what in your relationship, and if he wants to pay for most everything, then be happy with what he can provide and use your own money to pay for any indulgences he prefers not to cover.



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